Light boxes

The Light boxes are an on-going project using found photographic slides of all sizes and origins. 



Microcosmos is an assemblage installation based on the philosophical idea of the Macrocosm/Microcosm. Our world is created in correspondence to the universe and ‘Microcosmos’ is an alternative world equally corresponding to ours.

The work presents an alternative cosmos, that explores human understanding through 3 categories of perception: Spirit, Soul and Material. These 3-Dimensional worlds are created with commercial souvenirs and amateur tourists’ photographic slides collected from various sources. ‘Microcosmos’ looks at memory and documentation of human experience over 40 years, similarly to looking through a microscope at bacteria colonies.

This body of work portrays our environment as an ideal world. The subjective choices we make through photography, represent the awe and wonder we experience when travelling and the memories we choose to collect as moments of pleasure. The symbolic use of camera lenses and layering of the images, allows access to the collective memory, as a story retold of extraordinary beauty, diversity and sensuous nostalgia. Microcosmos, is a homage to human culture as is perceived by all of us through the work of many individuals. 

The 35mm slides used are mainly from the early 60's  till late 80's and include photographs from Africa, United States, Brazil, Thailand and from Europe: Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, UK and Switzerland.

As the collection of slides expand over time so will the geographical content of the work.


The Wisest Man 2017

"The Wisest Man" is an assemblage installation, consisting of 8 light boxes and is based on Socrates' quote " …I am possibly the wisest man alive, for if I know one thing is that I know nothing…". The boxes are a rhetoric conversation about the arrogance of Man and the limited or false wisdom we all have. The work addresses four elements of our ignorance, our relationship with nature, religion, our ideals and finally our overwhelming feeling of superiority. It is accompanied with a poem made of four verses, one for every element, each corresponding to two boxes.

Each light box has one or two "collaged" photos collected from old 35mm slides which can only be viewed through equally collected old photographic lenses. 


wish you were here 2016

Single light box with 50mm photographic slides


ARIZONA 2016  Individual Light Box with 5mm photographic slides


Individual light box with 50mm photographic slides


Were Do The Cows Go 2016

Single light box with Magic Lantern Glass Slides


The Adventures of a Spinster 2016

It all started after a friend donated his aunt's slide collection in an attempt to create space in his loft. He described her as a "spinster" that always travelled. Truly enough the slides documented her travels from the early 60's till recently.

"The Adventures of a Spinster" is a series of 3 light boxes with 10 collages each all from her 35mm slides. They all are little 3D windows to her life.